Late motion to strike note of issue can be considered

Sansone v Sansone, 2014 NY Slip Op 00982 (2d Dept. 2014)

“The plaintiff failed to demonstrate that she served her motion, inter alia, to vacate the note of issue and certificate of readiness within 20 days after their service upon her (see CPLR 2211; 22 NYCRR 202.21[e]). Nevertheless, the Supreme Court properly granted the plaintiff’s motion, upon the plaintiff’s showing of good cause, since there were material misstatements of fact in the certificate of readiness, and a number of unforeseen circumstances stalled the completion of discovery (see 22 NYCRR 202.21[e]; Torres v Saint Vincents Catholic Med. Ctrs., 71 AD3d 873Drapaniotis v 36-08 33rd St. Corp., 288 AD2d 254; Club Italia v Italian Fashion Trading, 268 AD2d 219, 219-220). ”

What is illustrative is the citation to Torres, which states the following: “A motion to vacate the note of issue and certificate of readiness made more than 20 days after their filing will be granted only where “a material fact in the certificate of readiness is incorrect” or upon “good cause shown“”

So it appears that a material missatement in the certificate of readiness will allow a tardy motion to vacate note of issue to be made and considered.

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  • Wang Chung:

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